Shopping lagi..kat Fabulous Mom..

Yeayy..!!dh sampai pun arini 3 barang yang di order from Fabulous Mom..

Jeng..jeng...tak sabar2 nak buka ni..

Unpack barang-barang dr Fabulous Mom, antaranya ialah bottle rack-untuk pengeringan botol2 susu dgn aksesorinya sekali, cooler bag Jingle Jungle dgn ice pack. Ni untuk storange botol kot la kalau nak jalan jauh nanti, paling jauh balik Pahang, pastu balik Rawang. Saje la standby, lagipun aku memang nak breastfeed my baby...beli skit2 dulu sementara tgh diskaun kan..

Yeayyyy!! tq so much Fabulous Mom..

Ni la dia ice pack tu..Bawah ni ciri2nya..harga murah je RM10.12, nijela pilihan yang murah sikit..

 Ice pack ThermaFreezeÂ

ThermaFreeze® is used as a modern-day solution in temperature control for the transporting of fresh, perishable and heat sensitive products, for example: vegetables, seafood, medicine, cosmetic serums, flowers, etc... and of course our very precious expressed breastmilk. 


* Unlike messy, meltable ice, ThermaFreeze® absolutely does not leak fluid when fully saturated

* Because of its cellular construction, ThermaFreeze® is inherently flexible, even when fully hydrated and frozen. It can be cut, folded or bent along the divisions between the sachet cells to adjust to the shape of the items being packed. 

* In its unhydrated state, ThermaFreeze® is lightweight and compact for easy handling and operation efficiency. Measurement: 40cm x 28.5cm

How to use: 

1) Immerse in water for 15 minutes, once it is hydrated, wipe it dry and then place in the freezer for a minimum of 8 hours, and it's ready to work. Note: we only need to immerse in water once. 

2) Once hydrated, please store it in the freezer when not in use, so that it will be ready for future usage as and when needed.

3) 1 piece of Thermafreeze can keep breastmilk chilled for about 6 to 8 hours OR remain frozen for around 4 hours, when it's used with a cooler bag which can hold a maximum of 6 bottles. 

4) It's reusable for many times and only need to dispose it when it's punctured (happened when it hits on any sharp object).

ni je colour yang ada, lain dh takde stock

Jingle Jungle - Smart Casual Exec Cooler BagRM18.90RM15.12

Jingle Jungle brings you an extensive range of stylish and yet affordable cooler bags to enhance your lifestyle as a nursing mom. 

• It is very affordable that you can now own more than one cooler bag

• It is very stylish that you don't have to compromise on your style

• It comes in wide array of designs to suit the needs of different occasions or outing trips - formal or casua

Presenting our Smart Casual Exec Cooler Bag:

Test letak botol jingle jungle kat dalam, ada space lagi kat atas tu bleh muat breast pump Avent. Ice pack letak kat tepi..cun la tu!
• It fits 6 bottles and a manual breastpump nicely
• Can be hand or arm carry and shoulder sling too (shoulder sling ni xde sangatla, sb talinye pendek, takat bahu aku memang xlepas.. ;P
• Size: 33(top L)x20(bottom L)x15x20cm
• Available in blue bag w lime straps and khaki bag w grey straps 
Size: 14W x 21L x 20H (5" x 7.75" x 7.5")

Ni la dia bottle rack tu..Mula2 nak ambik yang ni RM41.31 after less...tapi...nampak lagi satu..lebih kurang mcm ni harge murah sikit..
Munchkin - Deluxe Drying Rack
 Ternampak ada lagi satu brand yang  hampir sama ciri2nya  dan murah lak xjd ambik..ambik yg kat bawah ni..

Dan...memperkenalkan.. sangat cute dan comey...botol rack...

Treenie - Classic Drying Rack   RM29.90

Klau xnak guna boleh lipat cenggini dan simpan..sgt convenient kan..
Treenie Classic Drying Rack, a must have for all mothers. It allows baby feeding accessories to be drip or air-dry in an upright, organized way. It has 16 flexible pegs that is ideal for drying baby bottles, bottle sealing disc, bottle caps, teats, teething toys, trainer cups and even breastpump parts. No assembly is required for Treenie Drying Rack and it is ready for use out of the box. Easily foldable to save storage space and convenient to carry around. For nursing mothers, get one for home and one for work place.

Hehe..tgk tu siap try lagi dgn storage botol sendiri..botol tak  dapat sekali tau, sendirian berhad..
Testing..testing 1,2,3..tak sabar2 nak merasmikan..Tgk tu boleh letak botol, sealing disc, penutup dia dgn berus botol dan lain2 lagi, so takde la sepah2 senang utk keringkan barang yang kecik2

• Holds up to 8 baby bottles and/or cups on its 8 long pegs.
• Holds small baby bottles, teats, screw rings, teat covers, teething toys, etc on its 8 short pegs.
• Unique front shelf can hold accessories like breastpump parts, sealing disc and many other small items.
• Anti-slip tips on each standing pegs helps to prevent scratching and stabilize bottles/cups while drying.
• Special slanted design enables excess water to drain towards the front collection reservoir.
• Foldable pegs allow easy storage, easy to carry around and save space.
• Use straight out of the box, no assembly is required.

Ni kalau baby dah besar boleh wat tempat untuk letak cawan atau barang2 yang kecik2 tu..takdela membazir..
Dah janji dgn En Hubby ni last shopping..hehehe..berape kali last la..susah tul nak ilangkan tabiat ni skrg, ialah benda order je pastu dapat, yang penting ongkosnya...ok..dah siap semua barang untuk baby..turm En Hubby plak lepas ni cukupkan barang2 yang kurang tu..dah tak byk dah..skrg tggu baby je..

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